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Merry meet to all who pass this way.
In perfect love and perfect trust.

Located in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area (Decatur, Georgia), the charge of the House of OakSpring is to provide for spiritual expression, growth, and the exploration of the deeper mysteries. We provide the training of priestesses and priests, and offer information and education on the old religion to those interested seekers. As a Wiccan community, we carry on the spiritual and ritual traditions of the old ways.

The House of OakSpring was formed at Beltane 2000 C.E. by a council of Third degree priests and priestesses trained in the Ravenwood-Circean tradition. We teach the old religion to those who wish to dedicate themselves to a spiritual path studying to become a priest or priestess of the old religion, students of comparative world religions, curious dabblers, concerned parents, educators, and law enforcement professionals -- anyone who is interesting in learning about Wicca.

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